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Terms & Conditions

1. Joining the service and/or using any voucher from this site will deem entrants to have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them

2. This service is only open to residents of the UK over 18 years of age. Refunds above and beyond the subscription costs shall not be issued. In the event that a consequential cost has occurred then please contact us on the customer service number and we will advise you how to proceed.

3. Each voucher may carry it’s own set of terms and conditions of use. As long as you stay within these terms you can use our vouchers as much as you like, up until their expiry date, and pass them to friends if you should so desire, too.

4. All users must be a minimum age of 18 and have the permission of the bill payer.

5. We will issue no refunds or recourse for misdialled numbers or mistyped keywords.

6. In most cases, a purchase is necessary in order for you to receive the benefits of a voucher, please be aware of this before joining the service.

7. All decisions made by us are final and binding and no correspondence or negotiations will be entered into.

8. Users remain liable for their standard costs to access telephone, mobile or computer networks.

9. If for any reason an advertised voucher is unavailable or unsuitable, we reserve the right at its absolute discretion to substitute a similar voucher of equivalent or greater value. No vouchers may be exchanged or transferred.

10. Vouchers involving Travel:  All travel, holiday, and health insurances shall be the responsibility of the user and not us.

11. We will not be held responsible for loss, thefts, personal injury or acts of God occurring during any trip.

12. All users personal information remains the property of us. We and our partners reserve the right to market to users, products and/or any third party products we think are relevant to your membership of a discount voucher service. . If you wish to opt out of marketing please contact us and let us know. We will only submit personal details to governmental bodies, police forces, regulators or networks should information be required to assist in any investigations concerning breach of regulations or illegal activity.  We will only submit information in response to written requests from any of the above parties.

13. We cannot be held liable for system failures on websites, mobile networks, or email systems. Neither can we be held responsible for the failure to fulfil the obligations of any third party involved in the service or the claiming of vouchers. We will always endeavour to minimize the impact to the user in the event of such failures.

14. We will not accept proof of sent SMS or email as proof of membership.

15. We reserve the absolute right to disqualify any user of any voucher, which we consider has not fallen within the terms and conditions or has used illegitimate or illegal means to join or participate or claim a voucher.

16.  If you wish to cancel your subscription the quickest and easiest way to do this is to contact our customer service team on support@voucherrclub.
freshdesk.com .